Coffee Drinks For Summer-Recipes!!

Its summer and the schools are all out for the holidays and it is time to start thinking about how you can capitalize on the season by adding summer beverages to your menu. They are easy to make, have a high profit factor and can bring a whole new customer base into your business. You can introduce one or two to start with or look at a whole range of new cold beverages.

Coffee can be made several ways as a base for cold beverages, the two best are using shots straight from an espresso machine or cold filtered with a long brew in cold water overnight.

If you already have a blender then the variety of beverages is almost endless. If you don’t have a blender and don’t want to spend the $1500 – $2000 for a top of the range commercial model then check out some of  used equipment websites on the net or if local health and safety laws allow it, head on down to your local Walmart or appliance store and buy a good domestic model. Don’t forget to order spare blades, o-rings and have at least two blenders on hand. One for milk based products and one for juice based products. Label one “Dairy” and the other “Non Dairy” You have to be careful not to mix them up for your lactose intolerant customers.

Coffee based cold beverages are always a favorite while the Italian sodas and fruit juice based smoothies are hot items on any beverage menu.

Check your local supplier for flavored syrups including Mocha, chocolate powder both sweet ground and white chocolate and cookies and a few of the tiny candy bars that can be blended with the milk based beverages to add that WOW factor.

Some of the flavored syrups that you should think about are:



Strawberry and any other berry that you think will do well in your market



Hazelnut (make sure it does not contain any actual nuts)

Anything else that will appeal to your customers 

Be creative and try combinations that you believe will work. Test them on your team and family.

Here are a couple of easy recipes that are standard throughout the world to give you a start. You will have to play around with exact measurements dependant your glass size.

Italian Soda

A shot of flavored syrup over ice and top up with soda. Garnish with lemon slice, parsley or mint

Iced coffee

Shot of espresso or double amount of cold filter coffee over ice and top up with milk

Vanilla, Caramel or Coconut iced coffee

Add a shot of the appropriate flavored syrup

Iced Mocha

Make iced coffee as above with ice to almost the top of the glass and pour into blender add a tablespoon of sweet ground chocolate powder and blend till smoot and no ice chunks left. Pour into original glass and sprinkle with chocolate powder.

Oreo Smoothie

As above but add one or two Oreo cookies and blend till smooth

Fruit Smoothies

Use only high quality pure fruit concentrate made especially for the beverage market.

In a glass quarter fill with water another third of fruit puree and heap the rest with ice. Pour into a blender and blend till smooth and no ice chunks left. Pour into the original glass and garnish with fresh fruit if necessary. Mix and match to liven things up or add fresh fruit to make a healthy option.

A couple of tips:

  • For carryout use clear plastic cups with lids that allow whipped cream to be added above the cup line.
  • Have chocolate sprinkles and chocolate powder in shakers for the customers to add themselves
  • Make whipped cream an option, free of charge if possible or build it into the price and advertise “Free Whipped Cream”
  • Daily or weekly specials on a chalkboard is always a good way to advertise and gives it that “Fresh Daily” feel.
  • Most chocolate powders are pre sweetened as are the fruit smoothie puree’s but the iced coffees and real fruit smoothies are not so think about sugar packets or simple sugar syrup as a sweetener.

Good mixing and don’t forget to be creative.

Restaurant Local Store Marketing – Using A Loss Leader To Attract New Business

LSM Tip #2

Hey, car dealerships have been doing it for years. Putting a fantastically priced car in the very front of the lot to attract customers. Even if they price it below cost, they still believe it will attract buyers to other vehicles.

So do the same with your products. To bring new business to your restaurant promote a low cost item at cost or less. A dessert or appetizer heavily discounted can attract customers for your more profitable entrée. This works for most concepts just be a little creative with the products you offer. Remember you want to make money on the total meal even if you lose on part of it.

Be smart – only use products that look good and you can prep earlier to help keep the labor costs down.

To Higher Profits!


Quit Blaming The Food Industry!

San Francisco may ban toys in fast food children’s meals if the levels of salt , fat or sugar is too high! Banning toys?

I’ve had enough! Now the authorities are considering banning toys in kids meals if they consider the food unhealthy. Whatever happened to responsible parenthood? At what point did it become ok for parents to hand over all of their responsibilities to restaurants, schools, government, etc, etc, etc??

Childhood obesity is a huge problem in the Western World and yes a lot of the children’s meals available today, (if eaten three times a week) will cause your kids to get fat, be bullied at school and probably be the main contributing factor in them never being able to find a mate and produce other obese kids. Maybe not a bad thing, Darwin’s theory of evolution, etc.  That’s if they don’t pass away from a heart attack prior to reaching breeding age.

Sorry….. if your kids are fat it is your fault not the food providers.  Full stop! Learn to say NO!  Make a happy meal at Micky D’s a treat  or an occasional thing, not a way to make life easier for yourself or to stop your kids from complaining.

The human body needs fat, salt and even sugar in regulated amounts. Like everything in life moderation is the key to a healthy diet and all kids need regular exercise.  I am not here to preach but I am sick and tired of governments regulating the end result rather than the cause. If they believe the average parent does not have the brains to give their kids a balanced diet along with regular exercise then take it to the classroom and teach the kids about healthy lifestyles in schools (school cafeteria comes to mind!). If the government wants to disadvantage someone then let it be the parents and not the food providers. After all aren’t the parents supposed to be responsible for their own children?

There are many other ways to get the message out. Pediatricians can play a big part by working with parents before their children have weight issues by encouraging healthy eating habits. An occasional fast food meal will not hurt anyone – parents should make up for it by including fruit, vegetables and milk in the meal choice and in other meals in the day. Parents need to take that on board. Get off the backs of the food industry! When parents do as they should they will vote with their feet and the industry will adapt to the changes accordingly.