Restaurant Equipment

Food establishments have many things in common, no matter what the type of food they sell or the level of service they provide. One of those commonalities is equipment.

Ovens, bain marie’s, refrigeration equipment, menu panels, etc, etc, etc. The list can run into hundreds of pieces of equipment dependant on the style and size of your food establishment. For new owner operators starting in a business it can be a minefield of options, brands and prices. Do you buy all new and top end products or do you down grade to the slightly lower end brands that still have a reasonable reputation but you know will not last as long as the high end brands. These decisions have to be made and can have a huge impact on the profitability of a business. With a simple commercial beverage blender costing as much as $1,800 and a reasonable POS system around the $20,000 mark you can see how these costs can add up and take a large chunk of your available capital.

Making the right decision on types and costs of equipment can be a daunting process and the purchase of a piece of equipment that you think you might need only to find out that it is hardly ever used can be costly not only in dollar terms but in space that could be put to a more productive use.

Another option is second hand equipment that can solve many of your worries for significantly less cost. Look for second hand restaurant equipment in your area on the net or yellow pages and book time to go and see the equipment yourself. You will be amazed at what you can find!!