Pizza Update

A quick word on a previous blog.

There is trouble in my family: My opinion has been put in doubt!! Some of my extended family have made aspersions as to my sanity regarding the best Pizza in Georgia. Fellini’s in Atlanta has been mentioned as definitely the best pizza. Rubbish!

What fool could even think that a reheated crust with topping added later could even come near Louie’s On the Lake. I have decided to divorce them all!! I may even write them out of my will, if I had anything worth leaving to them but I will definitely have them all committed to the local asylum. Does anyone get the idea that I take pizza very seriously!!

As an aside I have returned to Louie’s On The Lake since that blog and I can tell you that it is still number one in my books. I have actually talked to Louie and I had to apologize for the remark about him building his kid’s play house in the entrance way. It is not a play house but he and his kids are going to be making candy on the premise for sale in their own little kiosk over the holidays. What a great idea!!

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