New Item Launch…Make It Scarce!

I just heard of the great idea that Chick-Fil-A came up with to market their first new sandwich in decades. An idea easily implemented into your QSR or cafe.

Make it scarce and people will want it!!

They are doing product tests by giving away their new spicy chicken burger for free but they are being smart about it, you have to make a reservation to try the product! This way they can control the flow of customers through the store while getting great media buzz. Brilliant! No doubt this will keep the franchisees a lot happier during peak hours.

Just think about it. National media exposure while controlling the customer flow to the off peak times so that your regulars (paying customers!) are not disadvantaged in any way and you can plan staffing and production for the reservations. This has to be a first for the convenience food industry.

Even after the trials are over, everyone else will want to try it. Keep it to a manageable amount and gain interest for the new product. Apple have been doing it for years with the release of their iphone and now the ipad. Limit the initial stock and people will want it.

Now, how do you translate that to your business? Whether a small franchise or a small business owner this can work for you. Just think smaller. Most businesses will have a data base of some description or a way to get the message to your community. Think Facebook fan page…….

Create a buzz and desire for you new item during your off peak hours……


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