QSR Local Store Marketing In A Tough Economy – Cats or Dogs?

You used to have dogs, now you have cats whether you want them or not. Local store marketing (LSM) in this economy can be broken down like this….

Dogs are loyal, they like you because you are you. You feed them and they give unconditional love and loyalty. They protect you even if you are not the nicest person in the world because you are all they know and all they want to know. If you were to pass away in your sleep your dog would mourn you.

Cats are fickle. They make a big show of purring and rubbing against you, they sleep on your lap and will crawl into bed with you at night being very careful not to wake you up but let’s not kid ourselves – the feline motivation is very selfish. If the little old lady down the road is handing out cans of tuna fish and has a soft warm spot to curl up in then your cat may only visit you to see if you have anything interesting to eat and your expensive dry cat food will go moldy in the dish. If you were to pass away in your sleep your cat would eat you.

So what am I talking about? Simple…your customers.

Your customers used to come to you because they liked you and your product. They were willing to pay a little extra because you knew their name and what they liked. You were quite happy to cater to their needs to a certain degree as long as it did not effect your profit line. They were dogs.

Now customers are looking for value-for-money deals and are quite willing to spend the time and effort to search them out. They are willing to walk right past their old haunts to get a two-for-one or a “value meal”. They are all looking for the little old lady down the street with the cupboard full of tuna. They have all changed to cats.

So what do you have to do to get them back? Easy, become a cat person. The smart QSR operators are moving with their customer’s needs and wants so they don’t get left behind. They are planning their LSM to not only capture new customers but to get back or retain the old ones before they run off down the street.

I am a dog person but have had a few cats in my time. To be quite honest with you a warm purring cat in your lap is better than no pet at all. I am willing to be a cat person until the economy gets better and our customers have enough cash to not worry about those few extra dollars. Then I am going to get a dog.

R Stevens

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