Local Store Marketing

Whether your business is part of a large food franchise or any small business, local store marketing is key to driving sales, increasing your profits and inducing trial of your products to new customers.

Most of the large franchise organizations like McDonalds, Subway and Domino’s will have on their P&L sheets a line that says “Marketing”, this line may be as much as half the franchise fees that you pay and is for “Above the line” marketing or in everyday speak, national or regional marketing campaigns that every store is involved in and must follow.

Some of the best franchisors have two lines on their P&L’s , one called “Marketing” and one called “LSM” or local store marketing with a break up of, for example 3% of sales to marketing and 0.5% of sales to LSM. This allows a budget, however small for the owners of individual stores to use for true local store marketing.

What is Local Store Marketing?

Simple! Any form of marketing that is not part of the national or regional marketing campaign that your franchisor runs on a monthly or per campaign basis and is paid for through your franchise fees.

Local store marketing is usually done on a single store basis and concentrates on their local customer base. The funds used are normally not part of the franchise fee and are funded fully by the franchisee.


The idea of LSM is to build sales and your customer base through small targeted marketing that is not costly and is specific to your community, shopping mall, retail bubble or area.

Examples of LSM are:

  • Sponsorship of local sports teams,
  • Loyalty cards redeemable at only your store.
  • Discounts for local clubs and organizations.
  • Promotions within your community, shopping mall etc.

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