Domino’s Delivery Vehicle to be Designed by Fans! Why not drivers?

Hey Domino’s, Don’t Forget The Drivers!

Domino’s announced a contest to get their fans to design a delivery vehicle! (Click here to check out the contest! )What a great idea to create some buzz around Domino’s. It’s not just a jazzed up regular car but a completely, newly designed vehicle just for Domino’s delivery. This is a pretty cool promotional idea although it remains to be seen whether they will build a prototype as a promo gimmick or will they actually use this car on the streets? Domino’s has never to my knowledge provided vehicles to their delivery drivers (exception is Asia where they had company scooters).

What stood out to me as a neglected part of this contest is the delivery drivers themselves. I would bet that some of you reading this post may have actually been a pizza delivery driver at some time – I was, in high school. It was a great way to make a living and a lot of fun. Although the customers will have fun designing their ideal delivery vehicle (not sure what that could be – a jet car to get the pizza delivered faster?) it would be real fun to see what delivery drivers and former drivers would come up with. I can remember pizzas sliding across the back seat of my Nissan (Datsun at the time lol) as I whipped around corners at mach speed trying to get that pizza delivered and back to the store for the next one or three.

Now I am not trying to take anything away from the Domino’s customer who knows what they want – when they said the pizza wasn’t to their liking any longer, Domino’s listened and went back to the kitchen to come up with a better product. They listen to their customers and maybe we will see a customer designed pizza delivery vehicle on the road that will revolutionize pizza delivery. If anyone can do it Domino’s can. I just think they might be missing out on some real practical design elements that the drivers could recommend. Either way – can’t wait to see it!




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