Buying a Food Business

It has been the dream of many people to own a restaurant, whether it be their own concept or joining the ranks of thousands of people who enter the franchise industry. All to often these dreams turn to dust with years of debt, lost houses and destroyed marriages.

Owning or franchising a restaurant, food truck or any type of food business can be the most fulfilling, fun and profitable ways to spend your life and that is exactly what it is. A lifestyle!! It is not something that you can take a few days away from if you get bored or even walk out on for a few hours for personal reasons, well, not to begin with anyway!!

If you are seriously considering entering the food industry as a first timer then you need to evaluate your decision!!

You need to read my book “What You Must Know Before You Buy  A food Franchise” Don’t worry, it works for any restaurant or food business. It helps you evaluate your lifestyle needs and gives you the down and dirty on entering the restaurant business.

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