Bad Customer Service – It Only Takes Once!

Today I had a customer service experience that made me so angry I had to blog about it! Although it was not in a QSR or other food service establishment it happens every day in businesses like yours.

The company that services our heating and A/C at home has always been a very efficient, helpful and fine company to deal with. The woman who handles the scheduling and customers is always kind and makes the customer experience a pleasant one. Last night our A/C stopped cooling and I called and left a message after hours for a callback. This morning I got a call from a lady who started the conversation like this; “This is Dawn from XYZ company, I have your message and we will have to wait to hear from the owner of the house before we send someone out.”  “Ahh?????” I said (or something like that, being so taken aback!).  When I informed her that the owner of the house lives in Germany and has a service contract and that we had NEVER had to wait for approval in the  past she replied “well that is our company policy.” Ok, I then asked to speak with Alison who is always very pleasant. To which she replied “ She’s off today and I am Alison’s boss!” WOW!! The boss….I hope they keep her locked in a dark room in the back away from any customers!

The experience further deteriorated when she proceeded to argue with me about the most recent repairs and when they were performed, she was wrong but didn’t apologize when she realized such.  So we have a customer service person who is a) aggressive  b) argumentative,  and c) unapologetic. Any one of these is grounds for termination or a strong warning.

In the end I went from being a champion of this company to an angry customer who will most definitely express my feelings to the owner. How many people just say, no way, never again?  And you never hear about it. Most.  And they will likely not be kind to your business in the local community. It only takes one. One person. One attitude. One moment of rudeness and you lose a customer and their goodwill.

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