Restaurant POS Systems, Online Ordering and Customer Service

It was amazing that Domino’s announced recently that they had hit $1 billion in digital orders! Looks like they have reached a milestone that will not go away.  Today online ordering is how things happen and most large pizza franchises make it difficult to even get the phone number for your local store.

The last time I tried to order a pizza online it took me almost 25 minutes before I gave up. When I used the “find your nearest store” button and dutifully typed in my suburb and zip code it gave me a store that was ten minutes further away than the one I drive by every day.

I decided to drive to the nearest store and place a carryout order, this proved to be cheaper and less stressful and the manager gave me the store number so that I can place my order directly with them and also follow up on a late delivery pizza if that happens. He told me that most of his regular customers call him direct. Now what is wrong with that scenario!! (It was not Domino’s who seem to have streamlined their process! – this chain has something to learn from the Domino’s model!)

ROC United Diners Guide 2012 – Eye Opener!

This past week a new study was released by the Restaurant Opportunities Center who surveyed 4300 workers for their 2012 National Diners Guide. The survey has brought to light some shocking facts about the wages, sick leave and general he working conditions in many franchise restaurants in the USA.

As a long time restaurant operator one might think that I would side with the corporate franchisors or individual franchisees who chose to adopt a policy of no pay for sick days, “minimum wage” or the painfully low tipped wage of $2.13! Having spent many years in different countries with a range of wage rates, strong unions, weak unions and other factors affecting the hourly worker; it saddens and repulses me that in this wealthy country our service workers are forced to work for a “minimum wage” well below the poverty line.