Free Pizza if You Order In Spanish – Brilliant!

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw a story about a pizza chain offering free pepperoni pizza if you order in Spanish. It is a brilliant marketing gimmick in the form of a free pizza offer that instantly has created controversy. Why? Who knows, some people just need to find something to moan about. For Pizza Patron, the chain in question, it is a brilliant way to draw attention to the brand. The offer is for 3 hours on a particular day and you only have to say “pizza por favor” and you will get what looks like a pretty tasty pizza – for free! You can check out the story here Pizza Patron Free Pizza and then you can figure out why people turn a fun promo idea into something bad. Get a life is what I say! Too bad I don’t live near a Pizza Patron or I would be in that line for a free pizza….por favor!