Franchise Services – Truth In Marketing – And Don’t Pester Me!

In my never ending quest for information on all aspects of restaurant franchising, I often come across less than honest net marketers. The latest  promises information on sales figures for various franchise organizations for the simple act of opting-in to their email list.  Of course they will send me promotional emails – we all need to make money. That is not the issue. But nowhere do they actually say that they are franchise restaurant brokers. The site is set up to look like an information site.

What I wasn’t ready for was three emails in a row (all from different people!) with a promise that someone else would contact me personally in the next few days to assist me in finding a suitable franchise! Then another email the same afternoon saying the same thing again!

Whoa buddy boy!! There is a big difference in contacting a site for sales information and soliciting help from a franchise broker who thinks he has an exclusive agreement with me for all future sales including my first born child. (Actually couldn’t give that one away)

Oh, and I NEVER did get my promised sales information!

Guys, if you are going to promise something at least you could deliver on that promise along with all the advertising.

The thing that really pissed me off about this one was the fact that if they had said “We are franchise brokers and we would like you to consider us if you are thinking of buying a franchise restaurant. To help you make that decision we are able to pass on some sales figures on restaurant franchises that may be of interest.” Then fine, I’m in. But these folks didn’t do any of that. So beware of anyone called Steve S. offering franchise brokering services by using a false hook to get your contact details.

P.S – since I first drafted this post, I have been contacted 5 times by phone, offering their services. Still never got the promised sales figures!

Consultant For Your Franchise QSR? Part II

Now a motivational speaker is exactly that, someone to stir the blood, to give you the motivation and inspiration to do the things you already knew you had to do and if done well the motivation will last long enough to get some of those tasks completed and hopefully you will retain 10% of that initial motivation over the long term.

A business coach is a different kettle of fish. These people are giving advice that could affect the rest of your life and they are using your money to do it. A business coach must be significantly experienced in your business and have the strength of character to say “Hey that is not my area of expertise; you should get independent advice for that. Here are some people I recommend and have worked with before”

A business coach should be a generalist within your business. Operations is a good basis for a business coach due to the fact that they deal with all parts of the business on a daily basis and will generally be able to steer you in the right direction for those areas where a true expert is needed. Legal and financial are two areas that come to mind.

So if you are looking for a business coach. STOP. Think about why you believe you need one. Lack of experience is a good reason. Running out of ideas to grow sales is not. With some online search and networking you can usually get some new ideas to help with sales. Hey you can even talk to me. It won’t cost you anything…… for now.

If you still think you need a business coach then make sure you do your research. Look for someone who has significantly more experience than you and is in a similar business. If you are in the convenience food industry a restaurant coach may not be the best choice to help you. Check references and make sure they have successfully helped businesses such as yours.

Do you need local help or are the issues you face better dealt with by someone with multi-concept experience. It is sometimes better to learn from outside of your concept. People think differently in different concepts and ideas from one concept can often work just as well in something totally different.

How much can you afford and what return on investment do you expect. Sit down and work it out on a scrap of paper. You may find that it is just not worth the time effort and money.

To tell you the truth, the best business coaches are often peers within your own business. Search out the successful ones and ask them for an hour a week of their time over the next 6 weeks. Take them out to dinner and wrack their brains once a week. You will develop a mentor and friend and save thousands.

Most importantly check the credentials of the business coach. An MBA or experience in presenting means little in our business unless they have done the hard yards just like you. Have they ever owned their own business, worked the 16 hour days, 7 days a week for months on end with their home on the line if something goes wrong. They should at least have an understanding of what the consequences are if their advice is wrong.

Good luck and good hunting.