Better Lighting – More Business For Your QSR

A few weeks ago I was pondering why a cafe on a busy city street, in an area that is bustling with nightlife, was dead at night. I mean dead, no business to speak of despite being open until 11:00 PM. I walked across the street from the site and waited and watched. There were lots of people strolling past after having had dinner or heading to the local night spots. None of them so much as glanced into the cafe/coffee house. Then it hit me…the outside lights were the same wattage as the shops on either side – which were closed! Additionally, the lights inside were also too dim to make people realize we were open! Bingo…we installed brighter down lights outside the store and brighter lights in the window and voila…a 15% increase in night time sales the first week! What a simple fix.

If you have a location in a busy area that is surrounded by businesses which close before you do – try it! You may be surprised at the increased traffic you will generate.

R Stevens

Fast Food and QSR Same-Store Sales

With Quarter 4 2009 well over and done with,  most of the large Franchisors have released same store sales figures for last year. Mostly what everyone expected with McDonalds and Yum! Brands being held up by China and the Asia Pacific region and the US still in the grip of the global financial crisis.

Well it is all self explanatory so have a look and let us know if you are bucking the trend.

Same Store Sales Trends Fast Food and QSR

Thanks to NRN for the informative report!

R. Stevens

Is This Damn Recession Over Yet?

When this “recession’ started, the media strove with reports of doom and gloom to assist the economy on its downward spiral. Now as various experts and government agencies talk about rebuilding and keeping the momentum going – I’m wondering…..what momentum? Have we turned the corner? Are we seeing week on week of positive sales growth? Are factory order books filling up? Are those factories rehiring workers they laid off a few months ago? And do those workers feel comfortable spending those wages on a $12 lunch, a $4 coffee, McDonalds with their kids after a day out on Saturday?
Well I’m not seeing it…..yet.

Talking to my franchisees on this subject (a common topic of conversation in the past year) they are starting to have some good weeks. Better than last year but not every week and not predictable. Some of the real growth is positive even on the previous year, that gives us all some optimism and it is spreading. BUT….with the latest world news that PIIGS (Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece and Spain) will require multi-billions (euros) in bailouts to keep the European economy stable and the Middle East with its enormous debt levels – one thing is certain, all is not well with the world economy.

So back to the original question….Is this damn recession over yet?