Does Chick-fil-A Care About Their Franchisees?

Chick Fil A franchiseeI have been reading with interest the ongoing saga of Chick-fil-A and the alleged support the company has given to anti gay groups.

Thinking of myself as a reasonable and forward thinking man, I gave serious consideration to giving up Chick-fil-A permanently and confining my fast food chicken experiences to an ex-military gentleman with a penchant for wearing white.

My wife (a woman with far more common sense than I will ever have and a way of looking at things that often baffles me!) suggested that I look back to a time when I also worked for a company with fairly strong religious connections and some similar troubles they created for their franchisees. This reflection brought me to a completely different conclusion.

No matter what the parent company has done, what their background is, what we as consumers must remember is that the owners of the individual franchise stores are not necessarily involved with the religious preaching of the parent company. They are business people working hard to make a living.

If we as consumers boycott Chick-fil-A we will hurt the owners of the individual stores a lot more than the corporate entity. These franchisees have likely put up everything they own to borrow enough to buy their Chick-fil-A store.

The fault for this fiasco should be put squarely on the shoulders of the parent company, its founder and board of directors. How can any reasonable company make a decision that will piss off potentially half of the population of this country while at the same time affecting the livelihood of the people that have invested most and pay them monthly dues. Their franchisees!!

I admit to being impressed with the actions of most of the gay and lesbian groups who are mostly quoted as saying they must look into the situation in it’s entirety before they initiate a boycott. The University of Indiana Southbend had the common sense to look at the individual franchisee delivering sandwiches to the campus and decided that he/she did not necessarily share the sentiment of the parent company and lifted the ban.

If anyone is thinking of protesting Chick-fil-A because of their decision to support questionable groups; rather than a boycott of their restaurants, write letters to the founder and board of directors. Lots of them!! Maybe they will slowly get the idea that it is not 1933 any more, the world has moved on and we are trying to promote tolerance.

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